Kundalini Activation Process

Stephanie Bertrand
Akasha Yoga
October 25, 2023

Join KAP facilitator Stephanie for this beautiful and unique experience. This will be an energy transmission of raw Kundalini life-force energy meant to activate and further awakened process inside of you. No prior experience of any sort is needed. All you need is an openness to receive and the will to surrender.

WHAT IS KAP?KAP is a direct energy transmission that ACTIVATES your Kundalini Shakti, this latent, divine, healing energy inside every human. Once activated, a profound rewiring of the brain structure and nervous system begins and will continue with repeated exposure. The rewiring enables a deep emotional and spiritual healing often impossible to achieve via other techniques.  It is the path of surrender not the path of will like other practice like Kundalini yoga, Chi Kong etc. The energy enters by the top of the crown down to the root chakra. As energy builds up, it starts moving in both directions. It is a natural process that won’t shock the body in any way.The more you surrender and open up, the deeper you go, the more healing happens. Unblocking old energy, releasing traumas. As the energy starts flowing more freely, you feel uplifting energy going inside of you, you start being more creative, happier, feel more love and enthusiasm. Your path becomes more clear, your intuition becomes stronger, you feel whole & realize you have everything inside of you & stop having external psychological needs.

WHAT TO EXPECT DURING A SESSION (and then forget and have no expectations!)You will lay down on your back, music will be playing, the facilitators will come and touch or point at your chakra and meridians. That’s all on the outside. It’s on the inside that all the magic takes place.During a session you can have visions, revelations, spontaneous movements in the body, energetic sensations, emotional releases, out of the body astral journey, intense bliss or it can be more subtle as a first experience, but trust that the seed of transformation has been planted. What happens in a session is not what is really important, it is the changes in your life after.

This is not kundalini yoga.

Price : $60 +tx

Stephanie Bertrand

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