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LOTUS | Ceremony of Yoga with Kimiko and Eliza

October 6, 2022

Experience the euphoria of the blue lotus, this gentle natural aphrodisiac will uplift your mood, relieve stress, and activate your visionary sight. Gather for a ceremony of yoga with ecstatic dance, liberating live music, flower essences, and a ceremonial brew of the Blue Lotus. We’ll explore a full-bodied, somatic ritual of all the senses with movement, mysticism, and deep rest to earthen our bodies with sensual delight, softness, and renewal. Be immersed in the sublime sounds of Eliza’s voice and travel through the roots of yoga with a guided meditation into the wisdom of the blue lotus with Kimiko. Accessible to all, this ritual is an open invitation to explore how the nature of yoga and plants can teach us to grow our hearts like a lotus rising out of the muddiness of this world.


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