Wild Womban

A mindset + embodiment workshop to guide women to come home to their cyclical nature so they can reduce overwhelm, feel empowered by their feminine and reclaim their energy, vitality and radiance

So many women today are experiencing burnout, overwhelm and exhaustion and the reason? Besides the fact they are playing ALL the roles in their busy lives, they are disconnected from their feminine and nature in general. In wild womban, Sabrina and Erin are guiding women back to their power, radiance, vitality by helping them come home to their feminine essence, to their cyclical nature, to their wombs, the source of their life force energy and the remembrance that they themselves are NATURE.

The workshop is inspired by the inner seasons. By experiencing practices and learning tools to navigate each phase/season and access the power it holds, by exploring embodied movement in sisterhood, women will have the opportunity to soften, relax, play and ultimately step into more freedom of expression and vitality through their body so they can show up for their lives and work feeling more confident and alive.

What we'll be exploring together:

  • Learn empowering practices for each phase of your moon cycle
  • Express your wild feminine through sensual movement & Embodied Dance
  • Honour the goddess within in sacred sisterhood

Session may include:

Visualization, Reiki, Authentic Relating, Sacred Sensuality, Feminine embodiment, Self-love practices, Cycle awareness, women’s circles, oracle cards and more

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