Abhyanga massage

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  • 1 heure
  • Starting at 110$
  • Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Description du service

The Abhyanga massage is the most famous Ayurvedic massage. Its purpose is to imbue the body with warm essential oils that will help restore the balance of your constitution. The heated oils used in the treatment are at the heart of the practice of Abhyanga. This massage: Stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation Enlivens and revitalizes the body Helps improve digestion and elimination Hydrates from within to nourish body cells Tones muscles and lubricates joints Improves detoxification of the body Soothes the nervous system Helps overcome fatigue, for better sleep The Abhyanga technique begins with a head massage, always with warm oils, treating the entire body, and ending with a foot massage. As a foundational therapy in Ayurveda, Abhyanga offers you comfort and satisfaction, contributing to your feeling of self-love. Actually, the Sanskrit word for oil is Sneha, which also means love. To receive an Abhyanga massage is indeed to give yourself some love!


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