Marma Massage

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  • 1 heure
  • Starting at 120$
  • Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Description du service

Similar to the pressure points used in reflexology or acupressure, Marma points are an integral part of Ayurveda. By stimulating them during a massage, the circulation of fluids and your energy within your body is improved. In addition, the treatment of Marma points helps to restore: Imbalances in your body The proper functioning of your organs and / or a specific system of your body Your vitality and optimal health The Marma massage is the most powerful of Ayurvedic techniques, since it helps to directly unblocks any physical and energetic stagnation in your body, acting in all your koshas (your body envelopes) and your magnetic field. I offer the Marma point treatment as a solo treatment, or as part of an Abhyanga massage, and I incorporate Reiki into it to further enhance the benefits of the treatment. +enhanced with Reiki! Note: We unfortunately cannot deliver receipts.


  • 3413 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal, QC, Canada