Sacred Sunday

An opportunity to unlock your inner gold

Sacred Sunday- An opportunity to unlock your inner gold.

Ceremony goes way beyond serving cacao, it’s a way of being. These unique journey’s are crafted to allow you space to drop IN and connect more deeply to your own heart.

What to expect: A ceremony with Maman Cacao ~ Sacred Ceremonial Cacao that has been weaved with love, intention and gratitude. Each offering is creatively designed to get you to move, breathe and connect in a unique way. The journey will be supported by elements of ceremony, intuitive movement, energetic medicine music, introspection, meditation and stillness.

When we create space in our lives to listen deeply to our own hearts, our true essence starts to pop through. Each ceremony will allow you space to create harmony within, ultimately shortening the gap between your heart and mind.

Gift yourself the time to explore your internal landscape in a sacred way.

Drop IN - if you’re feeling a full body YES.

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