who we are

Akasha Yoga Montreal is a local community-based, laid-back yoga studio in Montreal, nestled in the southwest neighbourhood of Saint-Henri.

Movement, breathwork, meditation

The vast, calming and luminous space offers a wide array of movement, breathwork and meditation lessons including yoga, barre and pilates, plus workshops, trainings and rituals.

Every day we gather to embody our deepest callings, connect with ourselves and others and unwind unapologetically from the fast pace of life.

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Our values


We believe that a yoga studio can be a place for people to connect and develop meaningful bonds with other people of their neighborhood or city. Over the years, Akasha has been a family, a safe haven for many people who felt rejected from where they came from or for people who just arrived in Montreal and did not know anyone.


Most classes and events at Akasha are co-creations. We believe in helping each out other out, whenever we can and elevating each and every student and teacher that comes our way, rather than competing against each other. 


Akasha offers many community classes and on-donation events to keep the practice of yoga accessible to as many people as possible. We also offer accessible cueing adapted to a wide range of practictioners - regardless of socio-economical-cultural background, body size, sexual identity or physical capacity. We know we don’t have all the answers, that’s why we remain attentive and receptive to our community’s feedback in situations where we could improve accessibility and inclusion.


We believe that every human has the right to rest and recharge their batteries. Akasha offers a respite, a no-judgment, safer place where you can be as vulnerable as you need, to move and breathe according to your own limits of the present moment. Just like we leave our shoes at the door, we leave performance and the pressure at the door to simply BE and observe what is present within.

Our story

Akasha Yoga Montreal was founded by James Dylan. Over almost five years, he built a beautiful and vibrant community around the passion for yoga in Saint Henri. After much reflection, James made the difficult choice to come to his roots and move back to British Columbia to be closer to his family. 

In August 2021, convinced that her neighborhood still needed a space to practice yoga and belong together, Charlotte Mercille took ownership of Akasha. The yoga teacher is now surrounded by a loving team of 10+ teachers and trades all dedicated to the well-being of the studio and its practitioners. 

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