Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga

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Postnatal Yoga

In postnatal yoga, we work hard to foster a community that will support and address both the physical and emotional challenges that come with this early stage of parenthood.

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is a balanced class designed to help you meet the challenges and transformations of pregnancy with confidence and calm.

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga during pregnancy is one of the activities obstetricians and midwives suggest starting! Why?

Because yoga can help you cope with the physical and emotional changes you will experience throughout pregnancy, and it can also prepare both your body AND mind for birth.

An added bonus of group classes is that it can be really comforting to connect with other women that are on a similar path in a safe and supportive environment, providing a sense of community and friendship.

Our yoga for pregnancy classes are more than just a movement practice.

Weekly classes always begin with a short discussion on a topic related to pregnancy, birth, or the postpartum period. Our yoga practice then focuses on postures that aim to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, keep the body flexible and alleviate many common discomforts of pregnancy, as well as make more space for baby in your continuously changing body. You will also learn breathing techniques throughout class that you will be able to use during labor for pain management. Prenatal yoga is a balanced class designed to help you meet the challenges and transformations of pregnancy with confidence and calm.

Prenatal yoga is open to all, no prior yoga experience is necessary.

We understand that pregnancy symptoms are unpredictable, that’s why you don’t need to register for a whole semester of classes. 

Alex Negru

One of the advantages of choosing to practice prenatal yoga at Akasha is that classes are taught by a birth doula. Alex brings an additional element of prenatal education to all of her classes in the discussions she leads prior to physical practice. She is also always available to answer personal questions before and after class. If you are considering hiring a doula for your birth, our yoga classes are a great way to get to know Alex and perhaps build a special bond that will last through to your birth and during the postpartum period. 

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Très beau studio et super équipe. Je prends les cours de yoga prénatal depuis le début de ma grossesse avec Alex Negru et je ne pouvais pas rêvé meilleure prof. Alex est bienveillante, passionnée et ses cours sont parfaits. Alex a de nombreuses connaissances techniques, ses cours sont à la fois dynamiques mais aussi adaptés à notre forme et stade de notre grossesse. Merci Alex pour la qualité de tes cours mais aussi pour tous les précieux conseils prodigués aux futures mamans. On sent rassurées à l'approche du jour J et en forme :)

— Lola Arnaud

J’apprécie énormément le cours prénatal d’Alex Negru. Elle offre un “safe space”, un accompagnement durant cette période charnière et elle nous éduque sur notre pratique. C’est bien plus qu’un simple cours de yoga !

— Lyson Hamel