Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga

More than just a movement practice; it's a perinatal community.

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Postnatal Yoga

In postnatal yoga, we work hard to foster a community that will support and address both the physical and emotional challenges that come with this early stage of parenthood.

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Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is a balanced class designed to help you meet the challenges and transformations of pregnancy with confidence and calm.

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Prenatal & postnatal yoga are open to all, no prior yoga experience is necessary.

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga is one of the activities obstetricians and midwives suggest starting during pregnancy! Why?

Because yoga can help you cope with the physical and emotional changes you will experience throughout pregnancy, and it can also prepare both your body AND mind for birth.

Benefits of prenatal yoga

Focus on the pelvic floor

Each class includes poses that bring balance and alignment to the pelvis and pelvic floor. This may encourage your baby into a more optimal birthing position so you may have a more efficient, and less complicated birth.

Build coping skills

Yoga asana is also used to discover coping skills. Students explore poses that allow for safe, strong sensation, offering them the chance to learn what coping skills they might gravitate towards, in labor and early parenthood. 

Childbirth education

The final component to our prenatal classes is how seamlessly childbirth education is integrated. This empowers students to continuously learn about pregnancy, the birth process and early parenthood in a very digestible, non-intimidating way.

Community & friendship

An added bonus of group classes is that it can be really comforting to connect with other women that are on a similar path in a safe and supportive environment, providing a sense of community and friendship.

What happens in our prenatal yoga classes?

We start each class with circle time, where the students introduce themselves and share what week they are and what aches, pains or issues they would like to address during class that day. This allows each class to be tailored specifically to the student’s unique needs that day. We then move into a restorative pose and introduce some relaxation techniques and connection to baby. After that, we shift into the more active part of class, where movement and breathing techniques are integrated and connected. Classes are taught in a “vinyasa” style. 

Each class ends with a focus on pelvic floor balancing, the transverse abdominal and breathing, which is very helpful with the pushing stage of labor.

Postnatal Yoga

The first months of parenthood may feel overwhelming as you adjust to your new life and get reacquainted with your nonpregnant body. In postnatal yoga, we foster a community that will support and address both the physical and emotional challenges that come with this early stage of parenthood.

What happens in our postnatal yoga classes?

Classes are taught in the vinyasa style of connecting breath to movement. Each class starts with circle time in which the students introduce themselves, share how far postpartum they are and any aches or pains they would like addressed in class. This information allows the teacher to tailor the class to the unique needs of the students present.

We then introduce breathing techniques to encourage proper usage of core muscles, so we don’t inadvertently cause further damage. We will address what considerations and modifications should be practiced with core and pelvic floor issues. It is essential to understand that there is more to rehabbing the pelvic floor than just “kegeling”. Learn how to reconnect to your core and help restore it to a state of balance and function.

Benefits of postnatal yoga

Strengthening after birth

Postnatal yoga works to strengthen areas that may have weakened during pregnancy and release tension in areas that feel tight, burdened and stressed (including your mind!) so that you feel restored and replenished at the end. 

Addressing postpartum aches & pains

Class also addresses the wear and tear of postpartum such as wrist pain, upper back and neck pain as well as pelvic floor issues, diastasis recti and postural issues. 

Bring your baby!

New parents are welcome to bring their babies! 

Yoga mats & props included

No need to bring a mat with you to class, everything is included, just for postnatal yoga.

Alex Negru

One of the advantages of choosing to practice prenatal yoga at Akasha is that classes are taught by a birth doula. Alex brings an additional element of prenatal education to all of her classes in the discussions she leads prior to physical practice. She is also always available to answer personal questions before and after class. If you are considering hiring a doula for your birth, our yoga classes are a great way to get to know Alex and perhaps build a special bond that will last through to your birth and during the postpartum period. 



What our students are saying

J’apprécie énormément le cours prénatal d’Alex Negru. Elle offre un “safe space”, un accompagnement durant cette période charnière et elle nous éduque sur notre pratique. C’est bien plus qu’un simple cours de yoga !

— Lyson Hamel

Très beau studio et super équipe. Je prends les cours de yoga prénatal depuis le début de ma grossesse avec Alex Negru et je ne pouvais pas rêvé meilleure prof. Alex est bienveillante, passionnée et ses cours sont parfaits. Alex a de nombreuses connaissances techniques, ses cours sont à la fois dynamiques mais aussi adaptés à notre forme et stade de notre grossesse. Merci Alex pour la qualité de tes cours mais aussi pour tous les précieux conseils prodigués aux futures mamans. On sent rassurées à l'approche du jour J et en forme :)

— Lola Arnaud


Frequently Asked Questions about our prenatal & postnatal yoga classes.

Prenatal FAQ

At how many weeks of my pregnancy should I start prenatal yoga?

Whether you take yoga through all 9 months of your pregnancy or just the 3rd trimester you’ll notice the benefits before, during, and after birth. You’ll find that yoga benefits the mind and body at any point in life. Class is designed to honour the needs and limitations of pregnancy. All postures can be modified to the level of the student. You can continue your yoga practice right up to birth.

Are your classes only for pregnant women? Should we book private classes as a couple?

Yes, our classes focus on the pregnant person's body. We prepare the body for birth and labor by integrating movements and techniques for the pelvis, pelvic floor and common discomforts of pregnancy.

Can I drop in to a class or do I need to sign up for a full series in advance?

All of our prenatal & postnatal classes are drop-in. We understand that pregnancy symptoms are unpredictable, that’s why you don’t need to register for a whole semester of classes. 

Postnatal FAQ

Can postnatal yoga help with core work and improve diastasis recti?

Yes! Our teacher Alex Negru has a very strong understanding of diastasis recti, prolapse, pelvic floor issues, postural issues and cesarean birth recovery. She knows what poses should be modified and what exercises need to be incorporated to help reconnect and heal your core .

When can I start postnatal yoga?

We recommend you wait until your bleeding has stopped, which is generally 4-6 weeks postpartum. For those who have had a cesarean birth, we ask you to wait 6 weeks for clearance from your care provider.

How long after delivery do you recommend waiting before attending the postnatal class? How old should babies be before bringing them?

Normally, 6 weeks or after clearance from your doctor. If you've had a normal vaginal delivery, are healing well and feel good overall, 4 to 5 weeks postpartum is totally fine too. If you've had a cesarean, I generally recommend 6 to 8 weeks postpartum. There is no specific age for your baby at the studio, it is based on your own level of comfort. They all have different personalities and needs at different times!

Can I bring my baby?

Yes you can bring your baby! Please note we are located on the top floor of the building so you need to climb up two flights of stairs. We are more than happy to help you with your stroller as needed! 

How does Postnatal Yoga differ from Baby and Me Yoga

Postnatal yoga is a 75 min class focused on the well being of the parent. While babies are welcome to attend, they are not directly involved in the class as they are in Baby and Me. Postnatal yoga also includes a dedicated time to abdominal and pelvic floor awareness, right at the beginning of class.

What does my baby do during class?

Babies are allowed to play and be on a blanket in front or next to the parent. We play soothing music that helps babies fall asleep. You are welcome to feed, change, rock, integrate them into your practice as you see fit. This is a safe space and we want you to feel right at home.  

What if my baby cries during class?

Babies sometimes cry and it is not a big deal. As our teacher often says, nobody cares if a baby is crying since it is not their child! Everyone in the class is a parent and will be understanding if a baby cries during class.

When am I no longer considered postnatal?

You are never too “postnatal” to enjoy postnatal yoga! However, you may benefit from this class the most if you had a baby within the past year.

Can I drop in to a class or do I need to sign up for a full series in advance?

All of our prenatal & postnatal classes are drop-in. We understand that pregnancy symptoms are unpredictable, that’s why you don’t need to register for a whole semester of classes. 

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