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An energetic and soothing experience for your body, mind & spirit. 

Important Notice

Please take note that we unfortunately cannot deliver receipts. That being said, in some cases we can deliver invoices that can be deducted on your tax declaration at the end of the year. Thank you for your understanding. 

Most healing sessions at Akasha have no contra indications but if important psychological and/or physical troubles are present, we strongly recommend to seek medical advice and to be surrounded by a multidisciplinary professional health team.


Reiki is a healing energy treatment that improves the good circulation of life energy (also called chi in traditional Chinese medicine or prana in yoga) and awakens the self-healing mechanisms of the body. Deeply relaxing, the treatment is usually done fully clothed, lying down or seated. Reiki can also be performed to balance chakras. If you live far from the studio, reiki can also be given online via Zoom. 

60 mins - $100

75 mins - $125

90 mins - $140

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Abhyanga Massage

The Abhyanga massage is the most famous Ayurvedic massage. Its purpose is to imbue the body with warm essential oils that will help restore the balance of your constitution. The heated oils used in the treatment are at the heart of the practice of Abhyanga. This massage:

  • Stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Enlivens and revitalizes the body
  • Helps improve digestion and elimination
  • Hydrates from within to nourish body cells
  • Tones muscles and lubricates joints
  • Improves detoxification of the body
  • Soothes the nervous system
  • Helps overcome fatigue, for better sleep

The Abhyanga technique begins with a head massage, always with warm oils, treating the entire body, and ending with a foot massage.

As a foundational therapy in Ayurveda, Abhyanga offers you comfort and satisfaction, contributing to your feeling of self-love. Actually, the Sanskrit word for oil is Sneha, which also means love. To receive an Abhyanga massage is indeed to give yourself some love!

60 mins - $110 + tx 

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Marma Massage

Similar to the pressure points used in reflexology or acupressure, Marma points are an integral part of Ayurveda. By stimulating them during a massage, the circulation of fluids and your energy within your body is improved. In addition, the treatment of Marma points helps to restore:

  • Imbalances in your body
  • The proper functioning of your organs and / or a specific system of your body
  • Your vitality and optimal health

The Marma massage is the most powerful of Ayurvedic techniques, since it helps to directly unblocks any physical and energetic stagnation in your body, acting in all your koshas (your body envelopes) and your magnetic field. 

Marma point treatment can be offered as a solo treatment, or as part of an Abhyanga massage or Reiki to further enhance the benefits of the treatment.

60 mins - $120 + tx

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Sattva Massage Trio

Combine the Garshana, Abhyanga and Marma Treatments for a refreshing experience of maximum regeneration and contentment.

Garshana massage The Garshana technique is a dry massage, performed with a brush or a glove. This massage lasts about 15 minutes and stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system. As it also removes dead skin cells, it is quite ideal for preparing the body for an Abhyanga treatment. The Garshana massage consists of very specific and precise movements over the entire body, including the face.

You will have the possibility to add a Garshana treatment before your Abhyanga massage, allowing you to experience its benefits even better!

120 mins - $135 + tx 

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Polarity Massage

Polarity belongs to the energetic component of massage therapy. Polarity massages equally benefit physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health. The treatment aims to harmonize vital energy. The energy healer not only looks for points of excess and lack, but also helps the body to reactivate its self-regulation functions. Polarity maintains health by exploring the bond between mind and body. Energy healing is typically done fully clothed and can be adapted to children and pregnancy. 

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