Meet Our Instructors


Charlotte Mercille

Studio Owner

Alex Negru 

Studio Manager

Hardial Rosner

Trade Mom/Coordinator  


Charlotte Mercille


Hatha, Yin & Meditation

Based on more than ten years of practice,  Charlotte's teachings are based on the Tantra tradition of yoga. In a gentle and caring approach,  she invites her students to reconnect with their bodies and discover their truth through intelligent and accessible sequences. His mission?

Invite yoga into all spheres of our communities and our lives, beyond the mat.  

In another life, Charlotte was a communications professional and journalist.  

In her spare time, she enjoys reading and writing, as well as the lifelong study (adhikara) of the practice of yoga.  


Charlotte is the owner of the studio since August 2021.  


300 hours of teacher training in vinyasa yoga with Terri McCollum and Jill Campbell

40 h - teaching yin yoga with Asami Martens

40 h - Hands-on adjustments from Asami Martens

40 h - Meditation teaching with Tracee Stanley  

25 h - Yoga Therapy at Yoga Sangha  

Ongoing: Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Adam Mahmoud


Asami Martens

Vinyasa & Yin


Amanda Chicoine


Amanda discovered yoga in 2010 when she was transitioning out of a full-time professional dance career. Now a certified Hatha yoga instructor focusing on functional movement and mobility, Amanda believes that everyone can benefit from practicing yoga. She has realized, through her own practice, that yoga not only increases body awareness and appreciation but it also invites people to tap into their authentic selves. 

She has appeared on television shows such as La Fureur, performed in Casino stage shows including Danse-Sing at the Casino du Liban in Lebanon, and was part of a show tour for the Canadian Armed Forces in Labrador, the North Pole and in Bosnia. She was a cheerleader with the Montreal Alouettes for 9 consecutive seasons. She currently works as a special events specialist, planning and executive events throughout the city.  


For Amanda, yoga is a performance its own. It provides the opportunity to discover, appreciate, and reconnect with yourself. The dance between movement and breath is the most elegant choreography of all.

Yoga stumbled into Asami's life when darkness had taken over her smile, and offered her refuge. After a regular period of practice, she quickly realized her love for Yoga. The practice helped Asami look deep inside of herself, face difficult challenges in her life, and made her realize the limitless potential within her body, mind and spirit. Needless to say, Asami attributes Yoga to shaping the person she is today, and has helped her accept her perfectly imperfect self through self-love.

Asami's classes are creatively sequenced and use intelligent alignment cues. She incorporates yoga philosophy and storytelling to make her classes more than just a physical practice. Her classes are challenging and aim to bring inner smile and joy to each of her students with her passion and love towards Yoga. Asami seeks to inspire and connect with others about Yoga through her blog and social media, helping students relate to the ups and downs of her own practice.

Born and raised in Japan, Asami currently lives in Montreal, Canada. She has also lived and taught Yoga in Sydney, Australia and Singapore. Asami has been teaching Yoga since 2009, and holds two, 200 hour Teacher Training from Santosha Yoga (Australia) and SBC Yoga (Bali, Indonesia). She is also trained in Yin Yoga and Prenatal Yoga. She completed her 500-hour teacher training with Amy Ippoliti and Vesselify School of Yoga in 2020. Asami continues to study under the guidance of Amy while supporting her 300-hour training. She is currently studying with Michelle Cassandra Johnson to understand and deepen her knowledge about the intersection of social justice and yoga. She is also partaking in Kundalini Illuminated 222-hour residency program with Kimiko Tao Fujimoto. Asami loves to travel around the world and experiences new cultures. 


Alexandra Negru


LYT Yoga

With over 10 years experience in hospitality management, Alex took a leap of faith in 2017 and made yoga her full time job. She aims to help her students move better. Alex has completed over 500H of training with her teachers Lara Heimann, Cecily Milne, Mat Phippen and Kate Gillespie She is one of three certified LYT method yoga teachers in Quebec. She uses her knowledge to make yoga accessible to all. Expect her classes to be strong, fluid and playfully sequenced. She often integrates functional movement and strength exercises while focusing on the core. She is a firm believer that movement is medicine. Her goal: make students realize their limitless potential!


Nuha Abdel

Vinyasa Yoga

Nuha loves Burpees as much as shes love Utkatasanas.

Her favourite TV show is The Wire as it reflects and informs her vision of society.

Nuha has high expectations of herself and others, and believes that united in accountability we can achieve greatness.

Her diligence in her practice and teaching is reflected in her firm, structured, yet playful sequencing.


Gabrielle Ouellet

Kundalini Yoga

Gabrielle discovered yoga over 13 years ago, trying to balance her personal life with a fast-paced job. It was love at first sight. In 2016, realizing more and more that this marked path was not for her, she decided to leave everything to follow a path a little less defined and further from the security in which she had established herself. His first 500 hour training in India was transformative. Since then, Gabrielle has never stopped learning, evolving, teaching and establishing yoga as her way of life, a choice she has never regretted.

Gabrielle cumulates several hundred hours of training taken around the globe, which allow her to guide with a good understanding of the physical, mental and energetic bodies, as much in private, in studio, as in company, or during workshops.

His motto: "We are all just walking each others home"


William Charbonneau

Mobility & Yin

As a holistic movement facilitator William finds it important to look at the interdependent connection of all the system's of the body, mind and spirit. Through subtle and not so subtle explorations of our mobility, breathing, and nervous system we can navigate our inner and outer worlds so we can be better prepared for the ups and downs of life. He has studied various inner and outer movement modalities which include but are not limited too; Functional range systems, tune up, nidra, yin, vinyasa, hatha, breathwork and meditation... William wants to help his community better connect with themselves and others to avoid & mitigate injury and confusion. Don't be shy, he's here to help.

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Nancy Zagbayou

Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga

The Yogini Nancy discovered yoga and meditation at a silent meditation retreat in Bali, Indonesia, while looking for serenity when she was on exchange at the National University of Singapore. She later completed her Yin, Gentle, and Hatha teacher trainings at HappyTree Yoga with Melanie Richards in Montreal. Nancy completed her Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training at Naada Yoga and did her hands-on assist training with Asami Yoga in Montreal. She was trained by Melanie Shanti Faucher to guide pre and post natal yoga classes and most recently, she completed her 300-hour teacher training in Vinyasa and Ashtanga Adjustments at Kranti Yoga in Goa India. Nancy is a Vipassana meditator. She completed her 10 day silent meditation course in Merritt BC in 2015. She has been teaching and practicing mindfulness ever since.⁠

Nancy is a McGill Law School graduate and an advocate for racial justice & mental health. She is a strong believer in the power of yoga and meditation to restore peace of mind. When she is not teaching yoga and meditation, Nancy is an inclusion consultant in the wellness industry and a proud member of the Conscious Counsel law firm. She is currently the assistant teacher trainer in Happy Tree yoga's Advanced Hatha 300hr Yoga Teacher Training. ⁠She has recently partnered with The Travel Yogi to bring students to Panama for the Rest and Recharge Yoga retreat from August 20 till the 27, 2022. 

Her intention is to teach in a joyful way that nourishes the mind, body and soul. With her wealth of knowledge and experience, Nancy's classes serve her students, whether their desire is to reduce stress, improve flexibility, accelerate the healing of an injury, or change their lifestyle. ⁠


In her former life, Nancy worked as a financial analyst for an investment bank on Wall Street.


Alexandra Roussel


Vinyasa Yoga

Yin Reiki


Dedicated to the evolution of human beings and the expansion of their collective consciousness, it is with a great sense of duty that Alexandra dedicates herself to her roles as a yoga teacher and holistic healing practitioner. Passionate about sacred wisdom and folklore, she approaches each yoga class she offers as one would approach a ritual, thus creating a reverential sanctuary, where to cultivate your freedom, your authenticity and the effervescence of the light of your heart. Certified in Hatha and Yin Yoga, Ayurveda and Reiki, it is with great pleasure that Alex joins the Akasha Yoga team both to develop and share his expertise with the community. Its leitmotif: to restore the sacred existence of all.


Dima Haffar

Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga

C’est en 2017, lors d’une année sabbatique, que Dima a suivi sa formation professorale au studio Akasha. Depuis, elle y enseigne une fois par semaine.Son approche de l’enseignement du yoga procure apaisement et douceur. Elle cherche à cultiver, chez elle et chez ses étudiants, la conscience et la présence afin que celles-ci nous accompagnent dans toutes les sphères de notre vie. Dima prône l’accessibilité à la pratique du yoga en incarnant et en encourageant la diversité corporelle et culturelle.

Dima a plus de 10 ans d’expérience en tant qu'avocate en droit des affaires et en 2019 elle a fondé son cabinet pour servir une clientèle d’entrepreneurs qu’elle accompagne soigneusement. Dima agit aussi à titre de médiatrice civile et commerciale et son approche est basée sur le dialogue et la résolution de conflits à l’amiable.


Jennifer Motty 


Jennifer was first introduced to yoga in high school at a time when she needed it the most. However, it was when she moved to Montreal after university that she found her regular practice and quickly became curious and wanted to learn more.  


After many years of practicing, she took the leap and became a certified 200-hour RYT yoga instructor by completing her yoga teacher training at Akasha in 2017. During this training her enthusiasm and devotion for yoga grew and she immediately started teaching right after.  


Teaching yoga gives Jennifer a creative outlet beyond her 9 to 5 day job, allows her to further connect with her own yoga practice and continue to learn and be involved with something she loves.


Jennifer's classes focus on helping students feel balanced, both physically and mentally. As someone who works a busy desk job during the day, she knows the importance of having the opportunity to move the body in a way it wishes and allowing the mind find the quiet it needs to invite creativity and a sense of calm.


Manon Boudine

Vinyasa & Yin

Adept at new activities and driven by curiosity, it was not until the beginning of 2013 that Manon began to learn yoga. She finds there my child's soul mixed with a need for self-knowledge. Over the course of her practice, yoga has become a way of life that follows her even when traveling and it is during the year 2015 that she undertakes her first hot yoga training.

Already overwhelmed by her experience, she falls in love with teaching and sharing that is intrinsically linked.

In search of more in-depth knowledge, it was during the summer of 2016 that she followed a 200-hour teacher training in India. Amazed by what she saw, I decided to stay longer to volunteer in her Ashram and to continue to expand her knowledge. This trip marks an important stage in his personal journey and opens up new horizons for him. With additional baggage, she decides to move me to France. Once there, she trained in teaching yin yoga before returning to her first love: Quebec and its landscapes. Once my marks are made, she begins her last training, a 100-hour advanced teacher training which has changed her world and her way of sequencing while confirming her most sincere intentions in her sharing.