Yin & Reiki

Every month
With  Alexandra Roussel

A space to regenerate yourself. 

Deepen the benefits of a Yin Yoga practice by receiving the light of the universal life-force energy


Prana • Reiki • Qi • The Force. Across the world, cultures and eras, we name it in our own way • We all feel this same force that creates, preserves and transforms our Earth and all that lives

The gentleness, silence and peace of a Yin Yoga practice makes way for the universal life-force energy to perhaps be received more fully.

Discover • Cherish • Experience the alternative medicine that is Reiki, combined with the replenishment of a Yin Yoga practice. 


AcroYoga: Foundations

Workshop series - Bilingual
Dimanches 5, 12 & 19 décembre
14 h à 16 h | Avec Lea & Aboudi 
$25 - Members | $35 - Non-members
75$ for all 3 workshops

Workshop #1: Intro To AcroYoga - Sunday December 4, 2021


During this workshop, we will be exploring the basics of AcroYoga to start building a strong foundation that will serve as the basis for the rest of the series. AcroYoga is a practice that embodies both Solar and Lunar elements, starting with fun Acrobatic poses and sequences and ending with therapeutic Lunar treatments. We will focus on some of the basic poses that we will be using in our practice, while offering variations for more experienced practitioners.


Workshop #2: Build Your Foundation - Sunday December 11, 2021


During this workshop, we will continue exploring the basics of AcroYoga while introducing some more dynamic elements. Once the basics are strong, we can start moving from one pose to the other while keeping in mind the basic tenant of AcroYoga: Bone Stacking. We will focus on transitioning from one pose to the other, in preparation for more advanced flows, ending the practice with lunar therapeutics.


Workshop #3: Flow Through The Basics - Sunday December 18, 2021


During this workshop, we will introduce washing machines which basically consist of flowing through different static poses. Taking everything learnt during the first two workshops, we will be bringing everything together for an easy washing machine that goes through all the poses and transitions covered in workshops #1 and #2. We will move through the basics for a fun-filled washing machine, ending the practice with lunar therapeutics.


Vision Flow 

Sunday, December 18th 
2 pm to 4:30 PM | With Asami 
$25 for members | Sliding scale - 25$ | 35$ | 50$

Join Asami for a workshop for reflection and appreciation for this year, and goal setting in visualize meditation for the holiday season and the new year to come.

The workshop begins with revising your memories of the year in writing, followed by 60 minutes of wholehearted backbending practice. We will complete our practice with guided visualize meditation and goal setting in writing so you feel prepared for your with 2021!

Please have your pen and journal.

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Lunar yoga 

Sunday December 19 
4:30 p.m. - 6 p.m. | With Gabrielle
$ 15 for members | $ 11 for non-members  

In all simplicity, let's come together in community for a Yoga Flow & Kundalini practice to welcome the energy of the new moon. 

Expect to step out of your comfort zone a bit, for a mixture of breaths, dynamic movement, and sometimes gentle climaxing into deep relaxation.

This practice aligns the subtle with the raw. It could help cultivate clarity of mind and stimulate your creativity.

Gabrielle's style combines modernity and tradition with tradition. Both gentle and powerful, his classes are meant to be authentic and inclusive, always. This offer is for curious practicioners with or without experience.